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"Hellga needs to collect ingredients for her potion. She only has three Minutes to do so but, being the Chaos Witch, she can get more time by being naughty. "

Game prototype  carried out in 2 weeks for a school project. 
Engine used: Unity

Our team is composed by 3 students: 
Game Design: Maurus Amstutz (Twitter: @Kaboomfisch)
Programming: Andy Grütter (Twitter: @RobotsHateBugs)
Design-Visual Art: Seraphine Thürler (Instagram: @CyborgCandy)

This is just a prototype. We imagine other levels with other magical features that fits the Witch of Chaos. Have fun! 

Install instructions

Extract the content of the zip folder and  start shopping.exe 

Controls: WASD to rotate the broom  and Space to hold and drop objects.


Hellga.zip 78 MB

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